JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong recently took pictures with Leeu (Lee Seung Hyun), a former member of group F.CUZ and a son of singer Seol Woon Do.

On August 7, Kim tweeted two pictures with the comments, “Seung Hyun is cute and cute.” “Are you toasting with a cup of water?”

In the pictures, Kim is wearing comfortable clothes and intimately posting with Leeu. The two pictures tell people how close the two stars are to each other.

People who saw the pictures responded: “Kim looks cutter than Leeu.” “Why are they sitting so close to each other? Keep away from each other.”

Leeu previously appeared in the musical Das Musical Elisabeth early this year after he left the group. He played the role of Rudolph, Elisabeth’s son.
The question is that Jaejoong’s revenge for YunTae moments?

As we know, a while ago, had spread a photo of Yunho who were trying to hold the Taemin’s hip, and they were holding hands warm. Look the conversation between them at the airport is quite intimate. So, does Jaejoong try to revenge against YunTae moment? Just Jaejoong, Yunho and God know the truth. XD


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